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Mortgage Lender Registration
Huron Community Bank433925
Sheila R. Pahl988040East Tawas(989) 362-1746
Kelly Marine 723426East Tawas(989) 362-1753
Sarah Lucynski 958603East Tawas(989) 362-1767
Sheryl Green 630376East Tawas(989) 362-1717
Regina Kelley 792211East Tawas(989) 362-1768
Barb Tyo1158144Tawas City(989) 362-8671
Mary Jo Schalm 792214Oscoda(989) 739-9125
Sherry Werda1158196Lincoln(989) 736-6727
Denise Porn 792213AuGres(989) 876-8068
Kathleen Baird1158192Harrisville(989) 724-6719
Financial Institution employees who act as a residential mortgage loan originator (MLOs) must register on the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry. Financial Institutions are required to adopt and follow policies and procedures to assure compliance with the SAFE Act. It enhances consumer protection and reduces fraud through standards for the licensing and registration of MLO.
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