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Checking Accounts
 ›Community Business Checking

Our Community FREE Business Checking Account is designed for all business entities processing fewer than 300 items per month.

 ›Community Corporate Checking

Our Community Corporate checking account is designed for all high volume business entities exceeding 300 items per month.

 ›Community Non-Profit Checking

Our Non-Profit Checking account is designed for non-profit organizations looking for an economical checking account.

 ›Repurchase Agreement

Our Repurchase Agreement Sweep account is available to business customers who have excess cash they would like to invest.This product is not FDIC insured. This product is subject to investment risk, including possible loss of the principal amount invested.

Municipal Account
 ›Community Municipal Checking

An interest-bearing checking account that is designed specifically for municipal organizations, including cities, counties, townships and villages.

Money Markets
 ›Community Business Money Market

The Non-Personal Money Market account is an investment account for businesses, which earns market interest rates and limits the number of withdrawals per month

 ›Community Municipal Money Market

The Community Municipal Money Market account is an investment account for municipalities, which earns market interest rates and limits the number of withdrawals per month

Commercial Loans
 ›Term Loan

Use for longer term expenditures such as equipment purchases, property improvements, debt refinance or purchase of an existing business.

 ›Line of Credit

Use for short-term business needs including paying bills while waiting for receivables to be collected, purchasing inventory or covering seasonal expenses.

 ›Commerial Real Estate Mortgage

Use to purchase, expand, renovate or refinance commercial property.

 ›SBA Loan

Use to finance business start-up or growth with more favorable terms than conventional bank loans.

Other Services
 ›Merchant Services

Merchant Services allows a convenient way for you to accept credit and debit card payments from your customers.

 ›VISA® Platinum Business Credit Card

Our credit cards offer a variety of first-rate benefits suited to your lifestyle, including competitive rates, valuable rewards, and emergency services should any problems arise.

 ›Remote Deposit Capture

Businesses can scan their checks and deposit them electronically to the bank, anytime day or night, with a bank supplied scanner and an internet connection.

 ›Direct Link Merchant

Businesses can scan their checks and deposit them electronically to the bank, anytime day or night, with a bank supplied scanner and an internet connection.

 ›Positive Pay

Positive Payment is an anti-fraud system that enables Huron Community Bank and its customers to work together to detect check fraud by identifying items presented for payment that the user did not issue.

 ›ACH & Electronic Services

Direct Deposit Includes payroll, pensions, bonuses, employee reimbursements and more. Direct Payment to better manage your cash flow by collecting receivables consistently. Positive Pay lets customers preauthorize a list of issued checks to be paid

 ›Night Depository Services

Sometimes bank hours just don't meet your needs. That's why HCB offers Night Depository Services at all of our branch locations. You don't have to limit your banking hours to ours. Sign up for our Night Depository Services today!

 ›Personal Reserve Account

Protection for your Huron Community Bank Checking account from accidental ovrdrafts. No annual fee Convenient automatic advances into your checking account when the balance falls below zero. Low monthly payments. Easy access to your line of credit by: Writing a check, using your HCB debit card, making a transfer in a branch or online.

 ›Online Banking

Access your account information, transfer funds, and even pay bills all safely and securely with HCB's Online Banking available 24/7.


eStatements are fast, secure, convenient and FREE! Your statement will be available securely online several days earlier than your mailed statement.

 ›Overdraft Protection

HCB's Overdraft protection allows you to prevent the embarrassment of an overdraft on your checking account. Money is automatically transferred from your savings account to your checking account in order to cover the overdraft, saving you overdraft fees.

 ›Safe Deposit Boxes

A safe deposit box at HCB is the perfect way to keep your valuables and important documents secure. Visit one of our convenient locations and open yours today!

 ›Statements and Checks on CD ROM

Wouldn't it be nice to have all of your Checking Account Statements and Checks available to you at any time through a simple click of your mouse button? At Huron Community Bank, we understand the importance of organizing your financial information and can now offer you that information in a CD Rom format.

 ›Harland Clarke Check Ordering

Harland Clarke has partnered with Huron Community Bank in offering specific products to you directly on-line!

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