The History of Huron Community Bank

Huron Community Bank first opened its doors in 1927 under the name Peoples State Bank.  The banks first location and legacy began on the corner of Newman and State Street in East Tawas, MI. That branch was located directly across the street from what is currently known as the banks' headquarters. 

Mr. W.H. Wallace was the first President of the bank, L.G. McKay Sr. was Vice President and Grant N. Shattuck was Cashier. Esther Look was the next person hired but not until 1930. She continued to work for the bank for the next 45 years. As a result of its careful and astute management policies, the bank was one of the few financial institutions in Michigan allowed to reopen immediately following the banking holiday of 1933.

1949: Current bank headquarters was acquired with a goal to renovate it into a branch.
1951: Current bank headquarters renovation completed and opened for business.
1956:  The bank purchased and expanded into the building connected to its headquarters.
1961:  The Tawas City branch was opened as the first "drive-up" banking facility in the area.
1975:  The banks third branch opened in Oscoda.
1979: The bank was purchased by Michigan National Bank. Unfortunately customers left in droves because of raised fees on deposit accounts and the lack of local decision making.
1987:  Michigan National sold to Alliance Financial Corporation of Dearborn, MI
1989:  That entity was acquired by Comerica and an opportunity arose for the local community to "buy back" its bank. 500 people in the area raised $3.6 million, borrowed $2.5 million and successfully obtained the bank. This group included current Board members Alan Stephenson and Thomas Huck. The bank was renamed Huron Community Bank.
1993: The banks fourth location opened in Lincoln.
1994: The renovation of the former Tawas Area Schools Administration Building was completed. The building domiciled the accounting and operations departments.  It also provides drive-up banking services.
1997: The AuGres branch was purchased from Citizens Bank.
1998: The bank acquired First of America's Harrisville and Lincoln branches.  The First of America branch in Lincoln was closed and merged with Huron Community Bank's Lincoln branch.
2014:  Huron Community Bank celebrated 25 years as a recaptured locally owned community bank.
2016:  A Loan Production Office was opened in West Branch.  Also, due to loan growth, the former accounting/operations building was renovated into the Mortgage Loan Center/loan operations.  Accounting moved into headquarters.
2017:  The West Branch location was converted to a full service banking office.
2023:  The bank opens its eighth location in Rose City.
2024:  Huron Community Bank celebrates 35 years as a recaptured locally owned community bank.

Huron Community Bank continues to maintain a strong capital ratio.  Its solid financial performance keeps the bank well positioned for the future.

Huron Community Financial Services, Inc. has an Automatic Dividend Reinvestment Plan available for its shareholders. The Plan is administered by the Company and allows participating shareholders to automatically reinvest their cash dividends into shares of the Company's common stock. If you are not already a participant and are interested in our Automatic Dividend Reinvestment Plan, please review the following documents.

Huron Community Financial Services, Inc. Dividend Reinvestment Plan

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